Tech Comfort Glasses

Tech Comfort Glasses $59.00

EYEQ.ITY Tech Comfort Glasses make interacting with mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices easier and more comfortable.

Tech Comfort Glasses are digitally measured for your eyes which will reduce the amount of eye fatigue you experience and allow your eyes to relax while you enjoy working, searching or gaming on your tablet or mobile devices.

Use your devices clearly

Select from any frame in stock, use your existing frames or one purchased elsewhere and enjoy the experience of Computer Comfort eyewear for just $59.00. Your Computer Comfort eyewear will have individualized lens magnification strengths digitally measured to suit you and your vision needs.

You will receive the EYEQ.ITY complete lens which includes:

  • Polycarbonate (lightweight, strong material resulting in thinner impact resistant lenses)
  • No-Glare lens feature
  • UV protection
  • Polished edges
  • Impact Resistant
  • Manufactured and inspected to exceed the highest industry quality standards


Our MobileTech™ Comfort Glasses are great for people who want to experience the best out of digital technology by seeing digital device screens clearly, without eye strain, for longer periods of time.


You can experience clear, sharp images when viewing your screen, while reducing eyestrain and headaches.

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