Personalized Reading Comfort Glasses

Reading Comfort Glasses $59.00

Most off-the-shelf readers are made to fit the broadest audience possible. We make ours to fit just you.

For many people, the magnification requirements differ for each eye, so we digitally measure your eyes to assure the sweet spot of the lens is placed right where you need it. Further, our lenses are made from the highest quality materials, feature non-glare and UV protection, and are scratch-resistant. You may choose any frame in our inventory to show off your unique style and with our comfort-sight promise, we guarantee that you will read longer, comfortably, or we will refund your money.

The Utmost Comfort For Avid Readers

Select from any frame in stock and enjoy the experience of reading comfort eyewear for just $59.00. Your reading comfort glasses will have individualized lens magnification strengths and be digitally measured to your eyes.

  • Polycarbonate (lightweight, strong material resulting in thinner impact resistant lenses)
  • No-glare lens feature
  • UV protection
  • Polished edges
  • Manufactured and inspected to exceed the highest industry quality standards
  • Aspheric profile lenses for the thinnest and most natural image possible
  • Manufacture lenses using ophthalmic measurements to assure that the sweet spot of the lens is positioned precisely in front of the eye for image/font clarity


Reading comfort glasses are perfect for avid readers or anyone who needs to read for long periods of time for work, hobbies or their everyday life. These reading glasses are also great for many bifocal lens wearers who are annoyed with the limitations they experience trying to read through the small window provided by their everyday bi-focal lenses.


You will be able to read more comfortably for longer periods of time; reducing eye fatigue, neck and lower back pain.


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