Complete Eyewear

Single Vision Package With Anti-Reflection Lenses $149.00

HD Progressive Bifocal Package With Anti-Reflection Lenses $249.00


EYEQ.ITY offers you a unique, hassle-free service experience. Choose from over 400 frames and an ever changing assortment of brands. We offer a shopping environment with no tricks or gimmicks. There are no hidden charges for the glasses that you want and we can use your new prescription or digitally match your existing lens prescription, and deliver your new eyewear to you in under 30 minutes. As a side note, specialized prescriptions and progressive bifocals may take up to five days to complete.

A Clearer View Every Day, In Every Style

Select any frame that we have in stock and get the frames and lenses that you love for just $149.00 for single vision lenses, or $249.00 for HD Progressive Bifocals. Both packages feature polycarbonate thin and light lenses with UV protection and anti-reflection treatment.

Prescription Sunglasses Made Easy

For sun enthusiasts or people who spend a lot of time outside, we offer polarized sun lenses and transitions optical lenses for just $249.00 for single vision and $349.00 for digital HD Progressives. Both packages feature any frame in our inventory with polycarbonate thin and light lenses with UV protection and anti-reflection treatment.

You Will Receive The EYEQ.ITY Complete Lens Which Includes:

  • Polycarbonate (lightweight, strong material resulting in thinner impact-resistant lenses).
  • No-glare lens feature UV protection.
  • Polished lens edges.
  • Impact resistant.
  • Manufactured and inspected to exceed the highest quality standards.
  • Aspheric profile lenses for the thinnest and most natural image possible.
  •  No-glare lens feature and anti-reflection
  • UV protection

EYE.Q.ITY’S HD digital progressive is one of the best in the business!  It is a premium lens that comfortably maximizes viewing areas for distance, intermediate, and reading areas.  



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